Plasma provides an optimal mix of cut quality, productivity and operating cost for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum across a wide range of thicknesses. Oxy-fuel is limited to mild steel material but is essential for cutting thicker plate.

This CNC burning machine and its tight tolerance capacity enables us to design and fabricate much faster and with much greater precision.

Our shop is equipped with a CNC-driven Titan plasma and oxy-fuel burning table.

HPR 130 High-Definition Plasma, Up to ¾” Plate

HT 2000 High-Speed Plasma, Up to 1 ½” Plate

Two Oxygen-Fueled Torches, Up to 8” Plate

Cutting Area of 8’-2” x 25’-8”

Standard Shape Library Along with the Capability to Generate Any Shape Imaginable

Cowboys on Horseback
Truss Brackets