Repair Specialists

We are equipped to handle all of your repair needs!

Our repair specialists are trained and equipped to perform quality repair work both in-house and at remote locations.

Portable Lathe

Rebuilt Cylinder Clevis

Buildup & Turning of Ø12″ Shaft

Rebuilt Pivot Arm

Portable Boring Bar

Weld ID Setup

What We Do

Portable Welding

We utilize a Ford F-650 service truck with an on board crane, welder and air compressor to meet all of your portable welding and machining needs.

Portable Bore Welding

We are trained specialists in critical bore welding of both OD and ID weld build-up techniques. We are skilled with all types of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron. This process can be done in our shop or at your location. Our portable boring bar and portable lathe also enables us to machine those welded diameters to your specifications.

Cylinder Repair

We rebuild and repair hydraulic cylinders. We disassemble, inspect, repair or replace failed components including shafts, seals, ports, clevis ends, and more, including cylinder-bore honing if necessary. The hydraulic cylinder is tested to assure performance. 

Repair Fabrication

We rebuild and repair all types of heavy machinery components, frequently saving money and time versus buying a new component outright. Give us a call at 831-758-8309 to discuss your needed repair work.